About Gamyam

A classical ayurveda and yoga retreat for an ultimate experience, to harmonize your life.
Come, breathe in deeply to soak in the ultimate luxury of an aligned body, mind and soul. Aware, Alive and Aligned is the state of being we promote, by helping you understand, nourish and nurture your well-being.
The ancient traditional practice is fused with a contemporary and modern setting to ensure your ease and comfort. A lavish synergy of services immersed in the knowledge of classical Ayurveda is the mainstay of all our offerings.
Gamyam is set in the potent naturescape of the Western Ghats region, and in the powerful proximity to various divine shrines, and the Aghanashini river merging in to the Arabian Sea. Set to classical ayurvedic practices, this power-house of positive energy embedded in nature’s vibrant life-giving forces are in perfect sync for a wholesome healing experience. 
This wellness retreat is thus an idyllic setting for an ultimate rejuvenation program that is custom-designed to balance your needs, beat the stress & strains of the contemporary lifestyle you live and take you beyond the physical realm for a Soulistic™  experience.

Gamyam Culture

Mindfulness is the DNA of all work and activities at Gamyam. We practice Mindfulness and guide our guests to do so even as they walk and eat with us. Every person receives a doctor prescribed customized treatment, therapies and diet plan post one to one consultations to ensure mindfulness in every way.

Menu is well proportioned and portions supplied are as per a person’s need, we might help you to a second serve but a third is not recommended (as heavy eating would be a hurdle for therapy and healing) all our ingredients are authentic and made in house including masala and oils. Our green house, organic garden and Gaushala provide dairy and vegetables required by our kitchen.

We are mindful of the plastic entering our resort in all forms and formats and strive to curtail it to maximum limit
We operate on a No Noise -No Hurry policy inducing peace both within and around us.