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Life has embarked upon an ever-evolving odyssey since the very dawn of time where every single day marks a revolution like none other, with new gadgets, new mountains to scale and absolutely new lifestyles that we were initially not accustomed to. However, no matter how much we enhance in terms of our lifestyle, our roots are what keep us intact.

Talking about roots and enhancement in the same breath, you need a system in place that will help you stay rejuvenated and in dire times would be an aid to you like none other. Whenever rejuvenation is concerned, it is needless to say that you cannot simply keep on taking the daily dose of medicines to produce something artificially that your body should have emanated in the first place. Even if you can, at the end of the day, it has a lot of repercussions that you must be willing to embrace.

So, what really is the answer to these gazillion questions? The answer is Ayurveda, rather be precise, Classical Ayurveda. Art of healing that stemmed down from the ones blessed with infinite knowledge and who were genuinely interested in healing others selflessly. Ayurveda comes from the Sanskrit words “Ayu” meaning life and “Veda” referring to wisdom or knowledge.

Even though there is a common notion of people referring it only to a few experiments hither and yon with the greens, Ayurveda dives a million miles deeper than that. It is a science that blends the medicinal herbs with one’s will to explore the hidden layers of consciousness that stay interred in us unless tapped.

Gamyam Retreat practices Classical Ayurveda where they teach the art of healing to the ones willing to inherit knowledge lost in translation while also providing therapy to the ailing ones, seeking recuperation and self-introspection concurrently.

When we talk about Classical Ayurveda, we make sure that we are stringently referring to the practices that were described in the ancient texts and we ensure that they are meticulously carried forth with every detail being paid heed to in the minutest details.

Gamyam urges its guests to have a hands-on experience in the practice of Classical Ayurveda under the strict supervision of trained doctors and experts, who share detailed insight about the art, also conducting consultations, teaching sessions and workshops through which they can be enriched with knowledge that felt like whispers in the wind before arriving here.

For us, it isn’t about just healing one physically. Classical Ayurveda always focused on the fact that one needs to be healed spiritually too to recover fully. We preach the ways where an individual blends spiritual and physical growth in the same breath, ushering the path to promote life and health.

We also have a group of exceptionally well-trained vaidyas to treat various ailments through therapies, herbs, specific diet charts, cleansing and rejuvenation. Not only are these facets a crucial part of our journey but we believe that it is extremely important for us to know which method to imply for which ailment, as it gives us an edge over the cures.

We have assorted Ayurveda into five programs that offer a wide range of solutions and comforts to our guests. Here is a list of brief details that you must know about the programs.

Rejuvenation: The Foundation

In this 5-day program, we focus on making small changes that come together in destressing yourself from the daily hustle.

Cleansing: The Initiation

We introduce the basic methods of cleansing your gut and liver, to infuse better sleep, and also take away the stress in the process. In better words, this process focuses on detox, reconnection and synchronization of your bodily functions.

Reformation: The Activation

This is all about good sleep, balanced energy levels, stress-free living and addressing micro-injuries that won’t be causing immediate concerns but can be a potential bugbear with the passing days.

Transformation: The Inception

This addresses chronic concerns like arthritis, obesity, skin problems, migraine, and diabetes mellitus through the Panchakarma cleansing.

Sustenance: Be Born

Here, we drive at taking you to the core of the SoulisticTM experience, providing you with a 360-degree exposure to wellness in the word’s truest sense.

This is just a run-down of the wonderworld that is awaiting us at the Gamyam Retreat. Do you still think, it’s worth a wait? We cannot wait to welcome you anymore. How about you just pack your bags and head, already?

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