Food is an integral part of the well being proposed and propagated at Gamyam. Dining thus has a special designated place. A 100 Seat restaurant, warm and welcoming, with indoor and courtyard seating sets the tone to healthy eating in peaceful ambience.

The restaurant in its essence facilitates food based on ayurvedic principles with ease of digestion the prime focus here. It serves Regional, Indian and International cuisine with a well-designed TDH (Table d’hôte) menu that offer the right choice of meals for the guests. Food is prepared fresh, pre-plated, and served directly from the kitchen. The other diet food prescribed by the doctor for the guests as part of their wellness program is cooked separately and served either at the restaurant or delivered to the room in special cases.

Come experience food meant to nourish served with utmost love and care here.

Banquet Hall

Kanchika is a 400 seat Banquet Hall named after Goddess Kanchika Parameshwari residing on the hilltop, next to Gamyam. Be assured of the potent positive forces blessing your celebrated occasion here.

Conference Room

The 12 seat Conference Room is fully equipped to meet your business needs and well placed next to the tea lounge to meet and greet your guests. Additionally, 2 classroom halls and 2 meditation rooms are available to congregate and function as per your varying needs.

Tea Lounge

Give your senses the perks of a tea break at the Tea Lounge.

Radhika’s fine teas and what nots is a premium brand of exclusively brewed signature concoctions to delight your senses. Walk in for a delectable experience and healthier rendition to discover tea beyond the chai, uncover the uniqueness of each tea, the stories and legacies behind it, to enter into an exotic world of tea.

Here organic is not just natural but a bio dynamic process wherein each leaf is free from fertilizers, pesticides, preservatives or any other synthetic chemical. These are grown in world’s best organic tea estates.

Radhika personally handpicks her signature tea leaves, tea taste them and arrive at perfect blends. The leaves undergo stringent quality checks before they are packed and then brewed here for you.

The lounge also has tea ceremonies and events on request. It houses a library and one is welcome to browse and even borrow a book to return it at convenience during your stay.

Radhika is known to work with world class chefs to create a pairing accompaniment for her teas, a cosy snack shop is part of the lounge to help savor a bite. Indulge in a retail therapy at the souvenir shop: A distinct place to buy wellness products and related accessories for friends and family to cherish your stay here.

Lavish Abodes

Abodes at Gamyam are plush and an ultimate experience by itself.
Its spread lavishly with 81 keys across 3 categories

Villas, Cluster rooms, and Club Rooms.

Villas are spacious havens to relax in privacy, there is an additional room attached in select 3 to house families and help them recuperate in style.

Cluster rooms at Gamyam are another unique stay option for people travelling together. 6 rooms are bundled together to form a cluster and Gamyam offer 5 such clusters for friends and family seeking to stay together, yet enjoy their personal space.

Another 31 well- appointed club rooms in 2 separate blocks are slotted for corporate wellness programs. These are standard 5 star category rooms fully loaded with amenities for a comfortable stay

Book one that suits your needs & makes it a memorable stay for you.