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In an ever-evolving world where stress levels are blowing through the roofs, we are realising the importance of finding ourselves with every passing day. It is imperative that we reconnect with ourselves in the midst of all our storms, and that is what prepares us for better days in better ways.We at the Gamyan Retreat emphasise the fact that no matter how much the world’s load consumes you, at the end of the day, what should always come first is you and your soul. And that is exactly where we come in, ensuring that when you are planning a vacation to cleanse yourself of all the stress, your soul should also be cleansed of all the worldly duress and what follows next is a wholesome SoulisticTM experience. Step into a world unseen at the Gamyam Retreat, and we will show you the path to a spiritual awakening.

Let’s get introduced to the Gamyam Retreat

Gamyam offers you the perfect blend of classical Ayurveda and Yoga that transcends beyond the ordinary that you would witness doing the rounds on your daily social media feed. The practices intend to pierce your mortal shell and provide a detoxing experience for your soul, something that you very frequently neglect while you are entangled in your daily hustle.

What do we believe in?

We believe in the simple technique of breathing in and breathing out. Once you step away from the bustling concrete jungles and step into Gamyam, you would actually feel the silence swathing you from head to toe where you would be able to hear nature sing and concurrently, the fresh air would be filling your lungs that you have simply labelled as a myth amidst the burgeoning pollution. Once you feel the zephyrs prancing in perfect tango to their whooshing songs, that would just be the beginning of your SoulisticTM journey to a world imagined like never before. Your body would feel the relief that it has not felt for a lifetime, and your soul would tell a tale that you probably lost to the skies.

Where are we set?

Oh, we believe in the natural element, and as obvious as it may sound, we manifested ourselves in the picturesque town of Kumta, which borrows its surrounding aura from the nearby Western Ghats. To add to those heightened senses of connecting with mother nature, what follows is the beatific spectacle of the Aghanashini River, flowing into the majestic Arabian sea.

Why would you want to choose Gamyam?

We have mastered the classical ayurvedic practices, and we hope to impact your lives in a significant way as we pass on the valuable knowledge that has mostly been lost in translation. We believe in aligning the vibrant forces of life alongside a scenic Magnifique that helps your soul to heal and your body to recover from the battering workload that you take on yourself on a regular basis.

It doesn’t hurt to immerse yourself in the knowledge that would aid your spiritual awakening

We ideally offer you three programs that you can take part in while you are at Gamyam. The first and foremost is the classical Ayurveda. Classical Ayurveda’s primary focus is to provide you with the much-talked-about SoulisticTM experience. The word Ayurveda arrives from the meaning of life. When you are planning to immerse yourself in the knowledge that is very rarely shared across the planet, your body should be relaxed to imbibe what lies ahead. As Ayurveda battles diseases and helps us to live a better life, Gamyam provides you with the perfect backdrop in the lap of nature to know this ancient art with minuscule details.

The second in the line is the Yogic lifestyle which is probably the need of the hour for all of us who have decided to take on the world and somehow forget to explore our inner selves. The yogic lifestyle acts as a guide to how we can still live our lives in calm and destress ourselves for a handful of days, providing you with a life-changing experience, especially that calms our mind. Another important aspect of the yogic lifestyle is how you wrap your vacation in simplicity, and yet it comes at unprecedented comfort.

As the task lists on your laptop grow, the calls on your phone buzz louder than ever, and you start another day filled with stress, your life takes another step towards the maddening hustle that you have prepared yourself for. However, what you have forgotten in the middle is that you have a self to care about first to carry on with this hustle. For the wellness of your being, you need to break from your work at regular intervals and freshen your body and mind. Our ‘Wellness program provides you with detailed insight into how you can continue this practice even outside the facility. As the need for the spiritual quotient gets louder than ever, we at the Gamyam Retreat tailor an experience that would align your body, mind and soul to what we define as the complete SoulisticTM experience. May it be through your soul’s spiritual desires coming true, or probably the calm that it has never felt as the world never sleeps, we will present you with a memory that your soul will experience for ages to come. Trust us and step foot in the exquisite retreat called Gamyam.

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