Gamyam’s Soulistic™ experience is designed to create a journey of aligning with the self – inward bound that aims at unifying the mind, body and soul for the extraordinary experience of self-discovery. Our logo also captures this great quest inwards through the learning and practice of the 5 Pillars

Classical Ayurveda

Open your arms in embrace of a world extraordinaire.

Gamyam is vision driven to unfurl a Soulistic™ experience with a rich ayurvedic legacy – an experience that’s not just authentic and effective, but unique and enriching for you.

Yogic Lifestyle

Come transcend to the realms of a universal consciousness.

Yoga is a practice for your soul working through the medium of your body. Yoga in Sanskrit means the ‘union’. Often practiced for wholesome benefits, the modern lifestyle has overlooked the real intent and potent power it has to transform our lives.

Wellness: The Beginning

Wellbeing’ness–The Holistic Happinessis a state of balance between body, mind and soul. It is not just about being healthy: it’s about feeling happiness in all aspects of life. Our life revolves around three aspects- the work we do, the life we lead and the personal experience called the self./span>


Gamyam offers therapies for healing and wellness. It helps cleanse, soothe and revitalise our skin and body.