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As we extol the gleaming vehicle of our new lifestyle where time is of the essence and our gadgets have become the new juggernauts of happiness, somewhere deep down, we have started neglecting ourselves physically and mentally. It may not be as vast as you imagine it to be, but these are tiny droplets coming together, and by the time the tidal wave lashes at you, it will be too late for you to refrain.

Our posture is slowly heading towards decadence as we keep sitting almost 17-18 hours a day, forgetting to delve into ourselves, a feat that can probably introduce us to an enigma that we have only heard or read about, trying to soak in the vicarious feelings.

Now, if we were aware of where the vehicle of technology and our modern lifestyle were heading, it would have been a pleasure to let us flow along the tide. Still, with the horizon blurry and given the rising numbers of people suffering from back and joint problems at a far more premature age, one doesn’t need to have the knowledge of the fates and furies to read the writings on the wall.

However, despite immersing oneself in the excessive workload that is very important to achieving one’s goals, it is also essential to take utmost care of oneself. It is imperative that with all the wars you are already fighting, you keep yourself in a piece, and that piece should be nothing short of artwork, for at the end of the day, it is you who matters, and it is you whose presence can move mountains and oceans.

As we talk about putting our postures in place, an ancient tool to combat our physical senescence and mental blocks is Yoga. No matter how cliché it might sound, our ancestors were exceptionally well-versed in taking care of themselves, which guaranteed a happy and long life with much fewer ailments than what we see today.

At Gamyam, we focus on Yoga beyond just your ordinary asanas. For us, what does matter is easing you in the first place, getting your body in the groove and then slowly acclimatizing you to the balance that a body must have where it can successfully juggle with the rising responsibilities and keep oneself at the pink of one’s health.

First and foremost, at Gamyam Retreat, we have forged a facility that is secluded from the buzzing world. We take pride in our natural habitat, where you can immerse yourself in a vibe that is lent straight from mother nature.

From the soaring mountains to the roaring sea, from the calms of a beach to the divine dawn and dusk, from a world where it is hard to breathe to a world where you only find fresh air, we prepare an ambience that would set up the perfect tone for you to do Yoga. For us, it isn’t just a physical activity. We focus on the melding of your spirit and your body in the perfect sync that can be unlocked by Yoga.

Not only does Yoga make you physically flexible, but it also helps you to improve your concentration and focus, and start tapping into your inner spiritual self that is concealed in the wraps of your daily stress. For us what does matter the most is that you get to know the innermost core that can be activated through Yoga.

Yoga also helps you to activate your chakras, the element of your being that our ancestors always focused on tapping. An art that has been long lost in time, an art that we want you to be well versed at. We have trained yogis who help you with the procedure of various asanas that will improve your physical and mental health, grant you a longer life span, and introduce you to a world that remains pure and focuses solely on bringing out the very best in you.

We are all set to welcome you to Gamyam. So what are you waiting for? Step in and feel the difference.

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