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In a world where gadgets reign supreme, the ancient ways of stopping for a while and breathing in the fresh air are slowly becoming a myth. Not only have these gadgets disrupted our lifestyle, but it has brought us a million lightyears away from the valued way of life that the yogis taught us.

The simple ways of living are now just found in the scriptures, and the art of practising this life is slowly getting lost in the sands of time. Yet, with all said and done, Gamyam believes in reviving the soul of an individual. They bring together the time of your life that is being labelled as the SoulisticTM experience, a feeling where you find yourself and tread the path of a yogi, letting go of the stress that feels like the bars caging you. There are five crucial aspects of the prized Soulistic™️ lifestyle, and it is essential that before you choose to live one, you know the elements well. The five elements are assorted as Classical Ayurveda, Yoga, Nature, Jnana and Divinity. So let us delve a bit deeper into all the aspects of a balanced lifestyle that would eventually take you on a journey that ends with a blissful SoulisticTM experience

·      Classical Ayurveda

According to the ancient scriptures, Ayurveda stemmed from Brahma himself and the knowledge of healing and helping others to heal is attained by Sadhana from within. Gamyam practices the classic Ayurveda defined by the Vedic texts, putting into motion the exact procedures described in the scriptures.

Gamyam facilitates a team of experienced doctors who are well versed in Ayurveda, overseeing the practice and laying down instructions to make it a memorable stay for those coming down to be healed or to master the art of healing. We provide services to the ones suffering, who are in need of our therapy, while we also pass on the knowledge of ancient healing to the curious souls who would love to spread smiles to every corner of the planet.

·      Yoga

In the era of doom-scrolling and relentless soapboxes around every corner, peace is slowly turning into a myth. It feels like a descent into chaos, and there are very few things that can arrest this chaotic slump. If we fall back to the ancient days, the learned sages always resorted to Yoga.

Yoga is the art of transcending your soul beyond the mortal shell and attaining spiritual enlightenment; that won’t be easy but would be a gradual journey. Gamyam creates the perfect environment that sets the tone for the ancient art of Yoga. It calms your frayed nerves, helps you dive into your inner self and discover a nuanced layer that has remained untapped over the years. It takes you on a spiritual journey that would otherwise be the stuff of folklore.

·      Nature

For human beings to be whole again, they must surrender their inner self to mother nature. So there is an energy that stems down from the natural elements that would never deceive you, and that is why it is vital that you are equally receptive to the same.

Gamyam is located in the picturesque town of Kumta, a hidden paradise along the fringes of Karnataka. It also borrows its location from the iconic Western Ghats, surrounded by the Aghanashini River that flows into the Arabian Sea. The Ghats have been blessed by the presence of holy shrines, a feeling that would be omnipresent throughout the air once you step foot at Gamyam.

·      Jnana

No conquest in the world is complete if not blessed by knowledge. No matter where you are, where you go, or what you do, at the end of it all lies a halo of treasured ken that we all crave to enrich ourselves with at the end of the day.

Gamyam emphasises enriching oneself with the knowledge that would be a significant element in pursuing one’s spiritual destination. The journey of learning must begin through trained individuals who have been well-versed in the ancient scriptures, showing us a way of life that we thought was extinct long back.

·      Divinity

Somehow the world has misinterpreted the concept of divinity. Somehow, they chose to believe that divinity is nothing but a word that has passed around from the ancient days and now has become just hogwash. However, there is a lot more than what meets the eye. Divinity is a process of awakening your inner self.

It takes you back through layers that you never knew existed. Divinity gives you the sense of being complete. It transcends you beyond the ordinary and establishes a connection with your soul that should be aligned with your thoughts and wishes in the first place. We at Gamyam facilitate you with the knowledge and the practice to explore divinity, as mentioned in the ancient scriptures.

These are the five pillars that lead to the completion of a SoulisticTM experience. An experience where you take on a journey, a journey with purpose. They may say that it’s just a vacation, but as we say, it is a vacation to find and realign yourself to the inner being, a process to rediscover yourself in the daily hustle of the concrete jungles.

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