Understanding Wellbeing’ness: The Soulistic™ Happiness

Wellbeing’ness – The Soulistic™ Happiness is a state of balance between body, mind and soul. It is not just about being healthy: it’s about feeling happiness in all aspects of life. Our life revolves around three aspects- the work we do, the life we lead and the personal experience called the self.

In today’s competitive world where everything is compared and judged, it is very difficult to experience happiness and life as a whole. In a world where only successful individuals are recognised, it is natural for most of us to feel less always. This real time scenario is not only hampering the wellbeing of an individual, but also restricting one from experiencing one’s full potential. It’s no longer just mind and body: The world is on the lookout for something more than the IQ ( Intelligence Quotient) and EQ (Emotional Quotient). The new buzz word in the corporate world is “Spiritual Quotient” (SQ).

Beyond wellness: Attaining SQ

Attaining Spiritual Quotient is a skilled process. One needs to acquire special skills to achieve success in today’s world across all three aspects of life i.e., health, wealth and love – skills to realise wellbeing of our self, by transcending across the chaotic work and the modern lifestyle we follow. Thus, wisdom here is the skill and knowhow required to stay connected to the nature and align to the universal principles to attain success.

The food we consume and the thoughts we process are the building blocks of our lives which contribute to our work life. To achieve a good work – life balance, we have to enhance our potentials. It is the energy of the food and the vibration of our thoughts which create our lives. The spiritual science deals with these concepts of energy, vibration and correlates our existence with that of the universe. To experience our existence beyond the physical level, we have to take this path of spiritual science. This journey enhances our spiritual quotient.
Today, the new sought after formula in the corporate world lays emphasis on Spiritual Quotient to evaluate an individual. To them a wholesome Personality Quotient is inclusive of (IQ+EQ) SQ .i.e.
Personality Quotient = (Intelligence Quotient +Emotional Quotient) Spiritual Quotient

Ultimate Destination: Learning SQ Skills

Gamyam is a classical ayurveda and yoga retreat for an ultimate experience, to harmonize your life. This wellness retreat is an idyllic setting for an ultimate rejuvenation program that is custom-designed to balance your needs, beat the stress & strains of the contemporary lifestyle you live and take you beyond the physical realm for a Soulistic™ experience.

Here at Gamyam, we capture this spiritual quest through the learning and practice of the 5 Pillars.

Classical Ayurveda – The ideal way to nourish your body

Yoga – The physical activity to transform and mentally transcend to a new sphere

Nature – Prakruthi as nourisher

Jnana – The practise of an aware life and mindful living

Divinity – The potent superpower in the universe we strive to align with Wellbeing’ness –The Holistic Soulistic™ – Our SQ wellness programme

Wellbeing’ness: The Soulistic™ Happiness

It is but the first step that imbibes all 5 elements of our core philosophy and set you on your new journey to unfold your true potential.

We, at Gamyam, have designed a unique program to help you progress through the path of spiritual journey to enhance the spiritual quotient. This program is open for those looking to make a breakthrough and attain success in health, wealth and love. This weekend program focuses on in-depth insight on food and thoughts to provide great result and opens up doors of wisdom to enhance your potentials.

We welcome you to come equip yourselves with the right wisdom to find your success. This unique programme offers you customised knowledge sessions and Yoga lessons which align you to your core. To add to your journey, we also have varied experiential offerings like meditations, tea lounge with library, special movie screening sessions etc.

A peek into Wellness: The Beginning in action

A typical day of self-discovery on spiritual journey is well balanced with knowledge and action.

  • Morning yoga
  • Knowledge sessions
  • Meditation sessions
  • Group activities
  • Time to relax and contemplate

This programme is offered as group activity in the weekends from Thursday to Monday.
The sessions could be customised according to the need of the group.
We have special block of rooms to accommodate this programme.

Tariff: INR 15,000 + taxes per night.

Other Inclusion details:
Double Occupancy.
All Meals Plan.
Access to swimming pool, Wi Fi network, library.
All Knowledge sessions and group activities.

Club Rooms

Designated for group activities and workshop participants these are available in proximity of each other to help achieve group goals. The frontline accommodation options, the club rooms are duplex with ground + one design. These 31 rooms are row houses set in 2 blocks to ensure truly participative and engaging sessions of discovery.

A&C block – 288 sft

These rooms are designed for comfortable stay with king size beds. They include standard amenities and offer a work desk, luggage rack, tea station and more.

Here all roads lead to discovery and the journey within begins.