A classical Ayurveda & Yoga retreat for an ultimate Soulistic™ experience, to harmonize your life.
Come, breathe in deeply to soak in the ultimate luxury of an aligned body, mind and soul.
Aware, Alive and Aligned is the state of being we promote, by helping you
understand, nourish and nurture your well-being.

Align Yourself

A classical ayurveda and yoga retreat for an ultimate experience, to harmonize your life.

Gamyam is set in the potent naturescape of the Western Ghats region, and in the powerful proximity to various divine shrines, and the Aghanashini river merging into the Arabian Sea. Set to classical ayurvedic practices, this power-house of positive energy embedded in nature’s vibrant life-giving forces are in perfect sync for a wholesome healing experience.
This wellness retreat is thus an idyllic setting for an ultimate rejuvenation program that is custom-designed to balance your needs, beat the stress & strains of the contemporary lifestyle you live and take you beyond the physical realm for a SoulisticTM experience.

Classical Ayurveda

Yogic Lifestyle

Wellness: The Beginning

Doctrines of Soulistic™ Wellbeing

Gamyam’s Soulistic™ Experience is designed to create a journey of aligning with the self – inward bound that aims at unifying the mind, body and soul for the extraordinary experience of self-discovery. Our logo also captures this great quest inwards through the learning and practice of the 5 Pillars


Our team of expert Vaidyas and practitioners are well versed with in-depth knowledge and are highly experienced proving to be a guiding light in setting up the right parameters, and fine tuning the pace and process for effective implementation. Our Team Gamyam is well trained to offer you assistance across all your needs during the stay and later. Gamyam believes you just have to have the guidance to lead you in the direction until you can do it yourself. We assure to strive with you to aid your lifestyle change efforts for ensuing change adoption outside the facility too.


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