Classical Ayurveda

Life (ayu) is the combination (samyoga) of body, sense, mind and reincarnating soul.

Ayurveda is the most sacred science of life,beneficial to humans both in this world and the world beyond.


Ayurveda: An Introduction

The word Ayurveda is composed of two words, “Ayu” meaning the life and “veda” meaning the wisdom or knowledge. Hence, it’s an art and science of living a healthy life to attain higher levels of consciousness.
The main objective of Ayurveda is to prevent diseases, promote health and treat diseases when they occur. Thus, it is an inherent need for both healthy individuals and the ailing.

In Charaka Samhita, the oldest available classical text of Ayurveda that dates back to 3000 years, one finds a beautiful mythological story that narrates the origin of Ayurveda.

Once upon a time, Yogis affected by diseases due to their faltered lifestyle sought remedies for it and gathered in the Himalayas. It was then that Brahma (the ultimate knowledge) recounted the information of Ayurveda and passed it on to Daksha Prajapathi, Ashwini Kumaras and to Lord Indra. Sage Bharadwaja, one amongst the Yogis from the Himalayan gathering approached Lord Indra and received the knowledge of Ayurveda from him.

Uncovering Ayurveda: Attaining Wisdom

He then brought it down to teach all the other sages. These sages learnt their parts and created various texts (schools) of Ayurveda.

Thus were formed the varied schools of Ayurveda – a narrative that helps one understand how wisdom is attained by sadhana from within. One needs to raise one’s consciousness to those levels and align oneself to the infinite being, where the universal truth descends and reveals itself.

At Gamyam, We practice the Classical Ayurveda as defined by the ancient vedic texts. We meticulously follow the textual references and are stringent with their practical implementations.

Practicing Ayurveda: Personalizing Approach

Guests at Gamyam are inspired to deep dive and immerse themselves in the practices of classical Ayurveda. Detailed guidance and handheld mentoring from our team of doctors and experts enable them to own their experience and helps them absorb and imbibe it for a lifetime. Our consultations, teaching sessions and workshops are our tools of imbibing this knowledge to help them own the experience and align themselves.

At Gamyam, we cater to both healthy individuals (wellness seekers) and individuals with ailments (therapy seekers)

Customizing Practice: For Wellness Seekers

Wellness seekers are individuals seeking Classical Ayurveda teachings and methods to keep up their health, prevent diseases and promote positive wellness. To us, Health is a state of physical, mental, social and spiritual well-being and not merely absence of diseases: Ayurveda clearly understood these variants a long time ago and advised methods and teachings to align those parameters of health into a proper balance. We, at Gamyam can guide through this Ayurvedic way of life to maintain and promote health.

Specifying Practice: For Therapy Seekers

Therapy Seekers are ailing individuals seeking solutions and remedies for their health issues. Ayurveda describes varied kinds of health problems including their root causes, how they develop when we deviate from the healthy lifestyle recommended by the texts and the essential components of health that suffer imbalance. Ayurveda also explains the methods to correct these imbalances and align back to its natural balance.

We at Gamyam, have skilled Vaidyas to treat these various disorders by therapies, herbs, specific diet, cleansing, rejuvenation and also by teaching the right lifestyle practices to cure and manage those health issues effectively.

Rejuvenation: The Foundation

A foundation program set to recharge the energy in the most potent and comprehensive method as described in the classical Ayurveda. The program is highly beneficial for stress relief & related issues. The program aims to bring alive the fact that a small change is impactful and every little change has far reaching consequences.

Duration: 5 days
Check in: 2 pm | Check out: 11 am

Stay | All Meals | Morning yoga | Soulistic™ workshops | Meditation | Synchronised Abhyanga | Patra Pinda Sweda | Shirodhara / Takradhara | Padabhyanga

This de-stress program improves blood circulation, relaxes muscles, calms the mind and the whole body, improves sleep, thereby ensuring that stress melts away.

Cleansing: The Initiation

This is an introductory cleansing of the gut and liver. You can opt for this mild cleansing procedure to revitalize the gut and the liver. This helps to detox, reconnect and synchronize functions of your systems for efficient functioning. The package is set to infuse better sleep and relieve from stress.

Duration: 7 days
Check in: 2 pm | Check out: 11 am

Stay | All Meals | Morning yoga | Soulistic™ workshops | Meditation | Mild herbal cleansing | Synchronised Abhyanga | Patra Pinda Sweda | Shirodhara / Takradhara | Padabhyanga

This package cleanses the gut, improves blood circulation, relaxes muscles, calms mind and body, aids stress relief and ensures a sound, peaceful sleep.

Reformation: The Activation

A program that assures definitive improvements and visible results on specific health issues including weight management, stress free living, good sleep, balanced energy levels. It addresses micro injuries which are not an immediate concern, (but needs attention during busy schedules) revitalise the muscles; lubricate the joints and stabilise the emotions.

Duration: 14 days
Check in: 2 pm | Check out: 11 am


Stay | All Meals | Morning yoga | Soulistic™ workshops | Meditation | Synchronised Abhyanga, Udwarathana, Patra Pinda Sweda, Shirodhara, Kati/Greeva basti, Padabhyanga, Chakra basti, Matra basti, Kavala/Gandusha/ Mukha lepa facial therapies as prescribed by the Vaidya

This package improves blood circulation, strengthens muscles, nourishes the whole body, improves skin health, calms mind and body, reduces stress, improves sleep, aids metabolism, improves digestion, alleviates constipation, regulates bowel movement and ensures oral health. Detoxification is done with the help of effective herbal medicines, appropriate diet regimen and Snehapana procedure followed by suitable Panchakarma therapy as per the present health condition and body constitution. It helps to optimise the co-ordination of the multiple systems to work synchronically, for better health and peace of mind.

Transformation: The Inception

A program designed to achieve therapeutic results in chronic health issues like arthritis, obesity, skin problems, migraine, diabetes mellitus by deploying the potent Panchakarma cleansing. Custom designed ayurvedic dietary-lifestyle modifications and ayurvedic medicines are part of this transformative experience. The program is packaged to instil an understanding of ayurvedic concepts in building positive health.

Duration: 21 days
Check in: 2 pm | Check out: 11 am


Stay | All Meals | Morning yoga | Soulistic™ workshops | Meditation | Classical Panchakarma and other treatments as per Vaidya’s advice.

Along with the benefits of the 14 days program, this extended Panchakarma program helps to cleanse and then to rejuvenate the systems back to their optimal functioning.

Sustenance: Be Born

This 28 day program is a comprehensive beginning for a renewed you. The program has at its core the Soulistic™ treatment experience providing with a 360 degree exposure to wellness at its best. It offers a range of extended and highly potent therapies and wholesome learnings. This 28 days program will heal inside-out, as one gets time to rejuvenate tissues, rebuild energy and recuperate from the cleansing effects.

Duration: 28 days
Check in: 2 pm | Check out: 11 am


Stay | All Meals | Morning yoga | Soulistic™ workshops | Meditation | Panchakarma and other treatments as per Vaidya’s advice.

With complete benefits of the classical Panchakarma, this program aims at bringing the systems to the optimal functioning levels and strengthen the vital organs. This extended immersive program would facilitate complete recovery from the effects of the cleansing under the guidance of our expert vaidyas.

We welcome you to the Gamyam experience. Come, find your alignment with self, experience yourself inside out and open pathways to healing your body, mind and soul.

Your stay with us is well designed with customized treatments, gourmet cuisine and comfortable accommodation. The tariffs are as follows


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All rates in INR. Taxes extra as applicable. All rates per room per night Includes - All meals, Access to pool, Gym, Indoor & Outdoor activities, Library, Wi-Fi, General yoga and meditation sessions, Customised therapies, Ayurveda medicines during the stay, Group activities.