Gamyam Community

The power of community to create health is fra greater than a physician, clininc or hospital – one can heal  with a sense of belonging. Gamyam has a band of ardent followers in its promoters who re passion driven and seek to build a better happy and soulistic society by returning to the roots. A team of expert doctors, skilled and experienced are flag bearers ready to heal you and  our loyal clientele seeking to make the most of being one with the universe and living a limitless life are our true ambassadors and motivators who inspire us to keep progressing. 

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Open your arms in embrace of a world extraordinaire.

Gamyam is vision driven to unfurl a Soulistic™ experience with a rich ayurvedic legacy – an experience that’s not just authentic and effective, but unique and enriching for you.


Come transcend to the realms of a universal consciousness.

Yoga is a practice for your soul working through the medium of your body. Yoga in Sanskrit means the ‘union’. Often practiced for wholesome benefits, the modern lifestyle has overlooked the real intent and potent power it has to transform our lives.


Open your senses to uncover a soul connected with nature.

Ever wondered, how a walk by the seashore or any nature rich paths blows out your stress and worries that break you down. The classic Ayurvedic texts share this deep rooted secret; that Nature is central to our wellbeing.