Yogic Lifestyle

The Right solution to modern lifestyle disorders!

Growing Need for Yogic Lifestyle: Reality of our times

Welcome to the age of gadget overload. Gadgets have single-handedly changed the lifestyle of each and every person over the last decades influencing how we live, what we eat and more importantly how we feel ; thus affecting the quality of our life.

This new age lifestyle loaded with gadgets, comforts and processed food has resulted in rampant lifestyle disorders like obesity, diabetes, hypertension etc. Experts reveal that the root cause of all these is anxiety, which has crept into every aspect of our life, be it our professional work space, social life or our personal relationships. It is alarming to note that the very food we eat is eating into us.

Studies prove that an increase in accessibility to luxurious lifestyle, faster travel and even more speedier communication has reduced our happiness quotient; driving us away from our core and working against the set principles of nature that govern our body, mind and soul. Added to this the plight of complete ignorance, half baked knowledge or sheer lack of awareness makes us easy target for the present lifestyle disorders.

However, the razor edge in this dismal scenario is that many of these disorders are psychosomatic. Simply put its a physical condition caused or aggravated by a mental factor such us internal conflict or stress. Thus, it requires a deeper understanding that is nuanced to comprehend the modern disorders created by our fast paced lifestyles and a different approach to find the right solution.

Over the counter pills, promoted magic cures by fly by night operators, other medication without addressing deeper dimensions of the root cause will not resolve these issues. A unified approach to treat body, energy and mind is the only way out.

Yogic Lifestyle: Right Solution for our times

Yogic lifestyle involves integrating your body, mind and soul to perform actions that takes you towards good health, peace of mind and ultimate freedom. Yogic way of life is ideal way to address all dimensions of our life and live a healthy, happy and fulfilling life.

Our body requires medication and therapies to heal and recover from lifestyle disorders affecting us. One has to adopt practices like healing, meditation etc. to address the imbalances in energy. This unified approach makes us mentally strong to stay committed towards our well being. Thus, addressing the modern lifestyle disorders compels us to adopt a new way of life. This shift towards a new order requires committed efforts across all 3 levels – body, mind and soul. A journey of this nature – out from the cluttered lifestyle and to a contemplated life choices requires a friend, guide and mentor to support and care.

Yogic Lifestyle: Mentoring the right way

We, at Gamyam, are equipped with the resources and infrastructure to guide and mentor people seeking the yogic lifestyle route to fight lifestyle disorders, revive their life and live it to its full potential. Gamyam is set to provide a right platform for you to change and adopt this new approach in your lifestyle.

Our Core pillars offer the right support for you to build a new lifestyle.
1.Classical Ayurveda – The ideal way to nourish your body
2.Yoga – The physical activity to transform and mentally transcend to a new sphere.
3.Nature – Prakruthi as nourisher.
4.Jnana – The practise of an aware life and mindful living.
5.Divinity – The potent superpower in the universe we strive to align with.

Yogi is like a warrior who is equipped with right knowledge to break the barriers constraining his life and this path of awareness to lead a conscious life is termed the yogic lifestyle

We welcome you to Gamyam to learn and adopt the right wisdom to find your way out of the maze of modern lifestyle disorders. This unique programme offers you classical Ayurveda therapy, customised knowledge sessions and therapeutic Yoga which align you to the “Yogic Lifestyle”. Also, our other offerings like meditation, tea lounge with library, special movie screening sessions will make your journey at Gamyam enjoyable.

A peek into a typical day in Yogic Lifestyle at Gamyam will include

Therapeutic yoga sessions
Therapies as recommended by our Vaidyas
Knowledge sessions
Meditation sessions
Group activities
Time to relax and contemplate

One to one consultation with our in house Vaidyas and documentation of the progress will help you achieve desired results. Come, learn, enjoy and adopt the “Yogic Lifestyle”
Duration: 10 days.
Starting on Fridays and ending on the next Sunday.

Come, learn, enjoy and adopt the “Yogic Lifestyle”.

Your stay with us is well designed with customized treatments, gourmet cuisine and comfortable accommodation.
All rates in INR
Taxes extra as applicable
All rates per room per night
Check in: 4 pm onwards on Thursday
Check out: 4 pm onwards on Sunday

• All meals
• Access to pool, gym, indoor & outdoor activities, library, Wi Fi
• General yoga and meditation sessions
• Customised therapies
• Ayurveda medicines during the stay
• Group activities

The tariffs are as follows


Premium Superior
Pool Villa

All rates in INR. Taxes extra as applicable. All rates per room per night Includes - All meals, Access to pool, Gym, Indoor & Outdoor activities, Library, Wi-Fi, General yoga and meditation sessions, Customised therapies, Ayurveda medicines during the stay, Group activities.